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3 The first thing I would do in the family’s first session is develop a genogram of the family to get an idea of all the individuals who play a major role in Linda’s life. After establishing where each member is in relation to the family, I would begin with why Linda decided to come to therapy in the first place. In this scenario Linda came to therapy from the mounting stress of not being able to provide what she thinks her children need and deserve due to financial stress and with the state of the restaurant, financially. I would first ask Bob about his feelings towards the success of his restaurant and if he feels the business is adequately providing for his family. I would then ask the three children the same question. Getting the children’s opinion on this ‘adult’ problem will give me an idea of how aware they are of their parent’s financial situation. I would also ask Gale, Linda’s sister, how she felt about the restaurant and her sister’s success with the business. I would like to follow up with asking the children if they feel as if they can’t ask their parents for anything because of their financial situation.

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