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3. Your school (record: 6-2) needs the win over Riverbend (record: 5-2) to take the top slot in the Battlefield District.

4. Riverbend is favored by 6 points in tonight’s match-up.

5. Your school lost a lot of key starters to graduation last year, so the team is relatively young. But your school has been doing well with their young roster. The fullback, Tom Young, weighs 225 pounds and is known for his power. He averages 3.8 yards a carry and has rushed for 657 yards and seven touchdowns in the last eight games. On defense, outside linebacker Ron Kelsey has pulled down eight interceptions, returning two for touchdowns. Inside linebacker Neil Burton, weighing 205 pounds, has been credited with 18 sacks.

6. Riverbend has an All-District halfback, Quentin Macmillan, and a very successful quarterback, Stephen Elkins. Macmillan has rushed for 852 yards in the last seven games, averaging 4.3 yards a carry, and has scored 12 touchdowns. Elkins has thrown 17 completions in 28 attempts. Five completions were for touchdowns. He has been intercepted twice.

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