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3.  VERY  IMPORTANT:  Regarding the two word-processed pages, the Background section should span the entire first page and should label explicitly by name and address five issues/themes/topics you consider to be critical   in the module(s); the Evaluative Critique section should encompass only the top-half of the second page and should address explicitly by name two pro and two con positions in the module; and the Real-World Applications section should address only the bottom-half of the second page and should address explicitly by name three pragmatic concerns in the module such as, e.g., therapy, instruction, parenting, and/or workplace behavior.  Finally, you must explicitly display by underscoring and/or italicizing the following aforementioned: (a) the Background section’s chosen five issues/themes/topics; (b) the Evaluative Critique section’s chosen two pro and two con positions; and the Real-Life Applications section’s chosen three pragmatic applications. Please know that this previous sentence is critical and absolutely necessitates the underscoring and/or italicizing.

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