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Discussion 6INITIAL POST:Often people talk about the differe

Discussion 6INITIAL POST:Often people talk about the differences in the way men and women think and the things that they value. If this assertion is true, should men and women be held to the same ethical standards?Conversely, if you find that all people ought to be held to the same ethical standards, what does this say about the way men and women think about moral issues; are they, in fact, different? As a way of vetting this issue, consider whether men and women think differently about subjects like murder, rape, and theft.Does either sex think such acts are, in fact, right to do?PLEASE REPLY TO TWO OTHER CLASSMATES AS WELL.MYLAYSIA’S POST:Gender doesn’t have an effect on ethical standards, especially when compared to cultural differences. In today’s society, there aren’t much differences between men and women besides biological or physical aspects such as reproduction and strength. Mary Wollstonecraft examined that women and men are not only the same physically but the same morally. Things such as passion for knowledge, reason, and virtue are all things that men and women want equally. Though women might take of duties and responsiblilities such as raising the children, this is not something that only women do. Granted, typically women are more caring and nurturing and men are more rule oriented but that doesn’t mean that men can’t be more caring and nurturing and vice versa. Therefore, if we stop putting a label and let go of stereotypes, then we would see that both sexes have the possiblility to think morally the same. Just because someone is more caring or more “manly” doesn’t give them the option to reject moral values. Men and women agree for the most part that murder, rape, and theft is morally wrong. Depending on the person, their culture, and beliefs they may or may not believe that those acts are wrong but that has nothing to do with gender. YOUR REPLY….JESSICA’S POST:Men and women often times have different ways of arriving at a moral decision, but usually, end up in agreement on what is morally ethical or not. Women usually take a care-approach in making ethical decisions and men are usually more principle- justice based. These approaches, though different, both still rely on human reasoning in making decisions with the intent of what will be the most good, with the least hard, while not violating anyone’s civil rights. Men and women should not be held to different ethical standards, they instead are best when arriving at an agreement over ethical standards.Men and women are in agreement when it comes to denouncing acts of murder, rape, and theft, at least in this day and age in America. Murder and theft are universally considered wrong unethical acts. It is my understanding that the issue of Rape in former times and/or in different cultures, has been subject to different ethical perspectives. For example, during ancient times, it was a crime to rape a virgin female because it was considered a wrong done to the father of that female by making her “devalued.” Females were property of the fathers until he gave her away to a groom in a trade agreement for anything of value; anything from land or wealth to reputation or higher social status. The female’s purity was crucial to the value the father could place on her. If a single female with no father or husband was raped, it was not a crime because no one’s property was violated. Thankfully, the world we live in today, that way of thinking is no longer the law. Today, the act of Rape is a crime, to anyone at any time. Women are no longer property, at least here in the United States, wrongs done to them are as unethical as when done to a man.Men and woman may have different reasoning methods in determining moral ethics, however, this does not stop them from agreeing that acts of murder, rape, and theft are moral wrongs against others. YOUR REPLY….

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