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DirectionsRead all the assigned readings on this learning m

DirectionsRead all the assigned readings on this learning module’s agenda. Then respond to the writing prompts and questions below.Answer each question/prompt thoroughly and completely. Remember this exercise is meant for you to be able to reflect upon what you have read and learned. There are not right or wrong answers here, but responses should show comprehension and interpretation of the material.Please do not upload a document to submit this assignment. Rather, you may type it in Microsoft Word and then copy & paste into the journal assignment for submission and grading.When recruiting different types of volunteers (long-term, one-day-only, skill-based, virtual, board member, etc), what different strategies do you think are most effective for various groups? How do you target your recruitment based on volunteer motivations? Integrate resources from the learning module and cite your references in text and in a reference list!ISU has a Community Service Leave policy. What benefits and challenges do you see to having the policy? Find at least two additional organizations that offer this type of benefit and compare them. How do they differ? How are they similar? What might an organization gain by allowing their employees to take paid leave to volunteer? Do you think Community Service Leave is a major incentive for perspective employees when job searching? Why or why not? Integrate resources from the learning module and cite your references in text and in a reference list!What are common motivators for people to volunteer? Are they intrinsic or extrinsic? What are your thoughts on providing incentives for volunteers (t-shirts, gift cards, meals, etc.)Construct a comprehensive list of volunteer recruitment strategies discussed in the required readings and videos.Evaluate the FEMA online course. Was it an effective tool for teaching emergency managers effectively about volunteer recruitment?Please share something not addressed in the previous questions that you learned throughout this learning module and how you can apply it to your nonprofit career. [Please note: all thoughtful answers will receive full credit for this question.]

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