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Directions: Write a 400 – 500 word entry in response to the

Directions: Write a 400 – 500 word entry in response to the prompt below. Your journal entry is NOT a formal essay, but a paragraph or two (or three at the most) that demonstrates serious thought about the literature and the analytical question posed. Please proofread and revise your work before submission.Use the ‘submit assignment’ tool above to open the Rich Content Editor (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 and write your journal entry, which can be changed and revised up until the due date and time.1) Children are at the center of both ‘The Lesson’ (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 and ‘Revelation.’ Compare and contrast Sylvia and Mary Grace as characters — how are they central to the events? Are they protagonists? Why or why not? Do not use direct quotations or sources in your journal entry, but rather your own ideas and words. Please assume your reader is familiar with both stories and do not summarize. Grading rubric: Lit journal entries are worth 50 points each, and count towards 20% of your final grade. To receive a passing grade of C (35 points and higher, or 70%), an entry should display the characteristics below:on-time submission all the stated requirements in the directions and promptbasic familiarity with the literature (in other words, you have closely read the material)serious and careful thought about the literature appropriate college level writing with attention to correct sentence construction, grammar, mechanics, and dictionjournal entries submitted 1 – 60 minutes past the posted deadline will have 3 points deducted; those submitted 1- 3 hours late will have 6 points deducted; submissions received later than 3 hours will have 10 points deducted, and submissions received 24 or more hours late will receive a ‘zero.’

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