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Develop a business pitch for an entrepreneurial project that

Develop a business pitch for an entrepreneurial project that interests you. The business pitch needs to be a realistic proposal that could actually be presented to potential funders of your venture. Succinctness and clarity are of primary importance. However, the proposal needs to be thorough and complete, demonstrating deep thought. The business pitch serves as the culminating activity for the course. Relevant connections should be made to course objectives. The purpose of this assignment is to challenge students to consider all necessary steps when seeking funding for a start-up business. Assume that your audience comprises busy professionals who have ten minutes to digest your proposal. The business pitch will contain two elements: Executive summary (one page)PowerPoint presentation (5 slides) The executive summary must address the following elements: Business objectiveTarget marketTeam strengthsBusiness valuation dataFunding sourcePotential revenueExit strategy The PowerPoint presentation needs to provide an easy-to-read visual summary of the information contained in the executive summary. The presentation should persuade potential funders to support your venture.While APA formatting is not required for this assignment, solid academic writing is expected.

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