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Description: Read Chapter 5 then respond to Questions 1.

Description: Read Chapter 5 then respond to Questions 1. What important issues might you face if you were managing a team made up of people of various cultures, religions and ages? What would your strategy be for overcoming these issues? Give practical examples of what you would do to overcome these issues. 2. Read and discuss the article ‘A Case for Sweatshops.’ You may or may not agree with the position taken by the author. However, the article provides another perspective that you might find interesting. 3. What is your opinion of the ‘Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’? Do you believe it is fair for US companies operating in foreign countries to be bound by this law? Would you be tempted to disobey this law if you were managing a US company operating abroad and were competing against non-US companies? Resources. You should use the textbook.Note :textbook will be prove

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