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Describe a physical hazard and provide examples of PPE in yo

Describe a physical hazard and provide examples of PPE in your workplace, or an aviation workplace in which you are familiar. Describe the task, equipment, exposed personnel, PPE used, training required to use the PPE, and the level of effectiveness to exposed workers. What other controls are in place, or could be in place? Does the PPE itself present any hazard, such as limited field of vision or dexterity?Discussion responses are assessed on thoroughness, application, depth of research, mechanics, citation and reference format, and participation. Responses are expected to go beyond checking a box, and will resemble more of a mini-research topic where you discuss findings from exploration, suggest new paths of consideration, and connect links to demonstrate the learning outcomes and module objectives. To achieve a participation score in the discussion activities, you are required to respond to a minimum of one peer with thoughtful and thought-provoking feedback. In other words, ‘I agree’ or ‘Great post’ are not considered valid responses. If you agree or disagree, explain why and support your response with valid references.APA references, no plagiarism, cite everything, 3 scholar reference at a minimum. 550-750 words minimum. Be awesome be great just don’t show me skittles or globle trotters!

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