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Deliverable Length:500 words, APA formatted (with minimum of

Deliverable Length:500 words, APA formatted (with minimum of 3 references)Assignment Objectives:Analyze processes and workflow of quality management, JIT and lean manufacturing, inventory management, and supply chain management and the use of enterprise resource, manufacturing and production operations systems and platforms.Apply basic forecasting, capacity, production, manufacturing, scheduling, and quality decision-making and tracking methods and tools.Clearly state the importance of managing systems and processes in order to achieve effective and efficient production and operations.Explain the concepts of forecasting, system design, capacity planning, quality management and control, supply chain management, inventory management and scheduling, and project management and how they each relate to form an integrated view of production and operations.Assignment Details:Government regulations have impacted the site planning and capacity planning at Smitheford Pharmaceuticals. NAFTA has had an impact on the advantages of the ownership of manufacturing facilities in Canada.In preparation for a meeting with leadership, review and discuss the following:What advantages did Smitheford Pharmaceuticals have by owning manufacturing facilities in Canada prior to NAFTA?With the passage of NAFTA, what advantages remain by having manufacturing facilities still in Canada according to your research and your own judgment?Assignment Scenario Attached:

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