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Current Event Article Critique For this assignment, use t

Current Event Article Critique For this assignment, use the RSS feed located in the main menu or search the Internet to select a news article that reports on a specific topic or issue from the field of psychology. In your critique explain the conclusions, implications and/or consequences of the information presented in the article.Speculate on the effect this information could have on real-worldsituations such as health care, political movements, economics,lifestyle, moral attitudes, and social belief systems. Support thoseassertions with specific evidence and detail from the article and whatyou learned in class. Do not: Donot merely summarize or quote the article. Be sure to select an articlewith some depth and substance so that you have enough material toevaluate. Do: Read, analyze, and synthesize with objectivity and focus. Write a critical consideration of the current information available about the subject matter presented in the article. Briefly and purposefully, summarize and analyze the article to create a unique and valuable piece of writing that evaluates current theories or work in the field of psychology. Reviewthe literature with a focus on the hypothesis or main idea, address anyscientific research mentioned, and analyze the results or premisespresented. Include the following in your critique: Identify and articulate the key issue(s) in the article in a brief and pointed summary.Identify information/evidence in the article that supports the point of view and conclusions presented in the article. Quote and paraphrase with internal APA citations.Identify background information relevant to the point of view and conclusions presented in the article. Use prior knowledge, and you may use your course materials.Identify strengths and weaknesses of the findings and conclusions presented. Do you see any ethical concerns in the research or the findings? Why or why not?Identify and describe the research method or methods used or likely used to reach the conclusions presented. How could this topic be further studied? Describe a potential study and the research method you would use to get results. Explore and evaluate the issue(s) relevance to real-world problems and solutions.Clarify your own position, perspective, or hypothesis on the ideas presented in the article.Explain the conclusions, implications, and consequences of the article as it pertains to the field of psychology or the subject being addressed. Your critique should be between 5-7 pages long, in addition to a title page and reference page. Additional sources are not required, but you may choose to include them. You may reference your text. Use APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources. Your source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. Useinternal citations pointing to evidence in the literature andsupporting your ideas. You will need to include a reference page listingthose sources.

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