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Creation of a new user domain network account, with email an

Creation of a new user domain network account, with email and proper access to needed items.Purchase, configure, and deliver a computing device for a new employee (computer, tablet, laptop, etc.)Purchase, configure, and install a new network server complete with new application software purchased.Move a department of 8-10 computers from one building to another building.Provide assistance with application(s):logon, proper functioning, access to the application, etc. For the selected service, fill in your responses below. Add lines between lettered items, as necessary. Name of selected serviceHigh level description of the potential customer within the business.Who does the business (customers / users) contact for initiating this service.Who (in IT) is responsible for delivery of this service?What are the hours this service and it’s fulfillment are available.How is this service requested (telephone, form, intranet)What is the expected response time?(From the time the service was requested until someone from IT acknowledges the request)What is the average time to resolve (From the time the service request is acknowledged, how long (hours, minutes, days, weeks, months, years) is the target time to complete this request)

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