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Construct a plan for a ‘change’ within your Organization (

Construct a plan for a ‘change’ within your Organization (or Organization of your choice that you research). As leaders we are constantly solving problems. This project will include the following:Describe the need for changeProvide background/historical information as neededDiscuss barriers or resistance to the changeDiscuss benefits of the changeProvide recommendations, and discuss the process/strategy you will follow to implement the changes.Attached is handout to use that provides guidelines to help assist you with developing your paper.Make sure to follow APA requirements. Your project (Strategic Leadership Change Initiative) will be 6-7 pages in length. Please make sure to include headings for each section as follows: Introduction, Problem Statement, Analysis, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations. Please make sure to cite all sources. Sources not properly cited or not cited at all are considered plagiarism and earns a zero grade. Use scholarly journals, articles to support your research.You can take your name off your paper, and keep the identity of your Organization confidential by referring to your company as ‘ABC’ or ‘XYZ’ Company, prior to submitting your paper. Make sure to follow APA guidelines, especially in regards to citing sources, originality of work, and plagiarism. (Safe Assign tutorials and guides are located under the Start Here menu tab.)

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