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Complete the task “Conduct a Poll” (M) Issue: Causes of

Complete the task “Conduct a Poll” (M) Issue: Causes of Inequality in Chapter 2, pp 46-47. (They are the picture I upload) You must ask at least two Americans to complete the poll, and you should also ask follow-up questions about other causes of inequality too and their thoughts about inequality in the US in general. You should then write up in approximately 1.5 pages a summary and reflection on the information you learned. Your write-up needs to be written in complete sentences/paragraphs. Approximately 1/3 of your write-up should be summary and 2/3 reflection. The reflection should focus on what you learned from the interviews about the situation in the US, but you may also briefly compare your findings about the situation in the US with the situation in your own country to show why you found certain things interesting/surprising/confusing etc.

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