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Complete Milestone 3. Be sure to add the additional content

Complete Milestone 3. Be sure to add the additional content asked of you in Module 7’s Final Project assignment….there are a couple of extra questions regarding Josh and Jeb……Please indicate what changes/additions you have made after I grade your discussion post from Module 6….same rule applies….highlight your changes in yellow. If there is no highlighting in your paper, I will make the assumption that you have made no changes and you will be awarded the same points you earned on your previous submission.The school says that if you are happy with your two previous milestone grades, then you can cut and paste them into the final project section. However, SNHU did add three additional questions to milestone 3 so make sure that you address them as well. Here they are for your convenience:-If Josh and Jeb sought out your advice, which business entity would you recommend that they establish for Arcadia sports?-Based on each of the four main types of business entities our textbook discusses, determine the type(s) under which Jeb and Josh would be personally liable to Jane for damages.-Based on each type of business entity, analyze the ability of Jeb’s personal creditors to seize the assets and/or profits of Arcadia Sports.

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