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CompetencyFormulate relationship-based strategies for coachi

CompetencyFormulate relationship-based strategies for coaching and mentoring.InstructionsYou are applying to become a mentor teacher within your program. The application process requires the following:Mentor Characteristic Assessment Complete the checklist provided to determine your personal qualifications for becoming a mentor.Mock Mentoring ProgramCreate a mentoring program for new educators in your program. The mentoring program should address the following components:A description of the purpose of the mentoring program or mission statement.A description of the mentoring program logistics (i.e., when will the mentoring take place, where, for how long?).How the mentoring program will benefit new educators, families, and children.Explain your role in the mentoring program and how the characteristics from your checklist will support this role. In the explanation, address how you will develop any characteristic in which you use ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’

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