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Chose one of the three case studies (serena & Lily, frogDesi

Chose one of the three case studies (serena & Lily, frogDesign, Special Forces); choose based on personal interest and professional benefit. It has to help you professionally to advance your career and/or help you learn something new regarding recruiting, career development and selection.Who in your professional network can you interview to learn more about the industry and help analyze the case? Chose and identify 2-3 sources for your interviews. (The people you interview have to be from the industry in the case study you choose)What is the central recruiting issue in the case study? — what you believe it is and what you have to learn.If you were an HR consultant hired to come in to diagnose and help fix the problems, what are 3-4 things (specifically) you would propose and help implement. Be specific – what is the how, what, where, why. Include tools, processes, frameworks and research that was in our course as well in your own HR tool-kit.Look beyond the paper – Power point / newspaper / audio / video / storyboard / etc. (Do not submit a paper. Professor gave some examples like you can design a newspaper or display board. PowerPoints is fine but do not just list your opinion on each page. It’s more like a presentation instead of paper.)No minimum of words, pages. BE CREATIVE!

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