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Choose an organization from the Fortune 500 list. (Do not ch

Choose an organization from the Fortune 500 list. (Do not choose an organization another student has already posted about!) Review the organization’s website to find its values. Usually, you can find this with the organization’s mission or vision statement, in an about us Do you feel after learning a bit about the organization that the values the organization says it holds are reflected in the work it does? Why or why not? You can link to outside news articles to explain your reasoning here. The organization has been selected:ICBC,The State Grid Corporation of China,PING AN INSURANCE,Nike,Tyson Foods,China Construction Bank,ExxonMobil ,Tesla ,PepsiCo,Walmart,Amazon , General Motors,Huawei Technology Co,Apple ,Starbucks,Oracle ,Sinopec Group200-300 WORDS

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