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Children often play games in which they look for a hidden it

Children often play games in which they look for a hidden item and the person who hid the item responds to the seekers behaviors by using words related to temperature (e.g., ‘warmer, warmer, hot, hotter, burning!’). What behavioral concept is applied in these situations?How does Erikson’s view of development differ from early psychoanalytic views?What major changes in scientific thinking occurred when learning theory became more prominent?Explain why Bronfenbrenner’s and Thelen’s theories are described as systems.Identify differences of your generational cohort compared to other generations. Design a cross-sectional study that might identify the effects. Find an article on a news site that discusses a recent research finding. You may need to also find the peer-reviewed source from which the report originated.Identify the type of experimental design that was used. List operational definitions.Assess the findings based on what you’ve read in this chapter and raise questions about the methods and results.

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