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Chapter Eight – Pick two questions from the following:Teams

Chapter Eight – Pick two questions from the following:Teams are often credited with making better decisions than individuals, yet they are also criticized for groupthink. What are some of the strategies for creating effective teams that do not fall victim to the groupthink phenomenon?Identify and describe any team you have been a member of, or know about otherwise, that has a strong norm of teamwork that all members support. What role did the team leader play in making this possible?What is the key to creating cross-functional teams in which team members put the good of the team ahead of functional self-interest?What would you describe as some of the dos and do nots of team leadership?Chapter Ten – Pick two questions from the following:Describe the culture in an organization you have worked in. How could the culture have been improved, if need be?Describe some of the practices, policies, and norms that you would expect to find in an organization that prides itself on building a culture of respect and trust.What is the difference between diversity compliance and diversity institutionalization?In your opinion, what would be some strategies for developing a diversity sensitive orientation?Your submission should be a minimum of two full pages of analysis.

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