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Business Model GenerationThe overall objective for this assi

Business Model GenerationThe overall objective for this assignment is to fully assess the current Business Model of Twitter, a well-known social media app, and identify potential issues/shortcomings and opportunities for improvement. To get started, read the case study “Entrepreneurs at Twitter: Building a Brand, A Social Tool or a Tech Powerhouse?”The following areas should be addressed (page references from Business Model Generation text (Some Screenshots attached below)Situation Overview – prepare a brief summary of the key facts as outlined in the Twitter caseBusiness Model Canvas – create a comprehensive 9-box Canvas (pg 16-44)Empathy Map – provide your perspective on the primary consumer target for Twitter and create an Empathy Map with that target in mind (pg 131)Business Model Patterns – review the Patterns in the text (pg 54-119)Identify which one you feel is closest to Twitter’s Business Model based on case informationIdentify strengths and shortcomings of Twitter’s current modelAddress the question “How can Twitter monetize in the future?”Identify an alternative Business Model Twitter might consider to create future profitabilityOutline several ways it may be stronger/weaker than its current approachWhy do you feel this new approach could work?Storytelling – Utilizing the “Talk and Image” technique (pg 172), create a short compelling story for Twitter to use in presenting your improved Business Model to prospective investorsBusiness Model Environment – Create an environmental assessment for Twitter based on case materials (pg 201)SWOT Analysis – choose one of the 9 Business Model Canvas boxes from the Business Model Canvas you developed for Twitter and create a SWOT assessment (pg 216)Other Considerations – summarize one additional component outlined in the Business Model Generation text and demonstrate how it could be used to strengthen Twitter’s business modelExecutive Summary – after completing the assigned work, prepare a brief Exec Summary of your key observations and recommendationsAssignment DetailsFormat: Your Assignment should be no more than 6 single-spaced typed pages including exhibits. Any exhibits can be either incorporated in the body of the assignment or at the end, but your paper in total should not exceed 6 pages.Keys to Strong Assessment: Clear and concise recommendations, Quality of written communication, In-depth and thoughtful analysis, Evident use of course materials.Content Note: Your recommendations should be based on the Twitter case, assigned readings and our class discussion. No additional research (i.e. Internet searches, etc.) is necessary.

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