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bro, is been long .ok let’s start!this class is a English cl

bro, is been long .ok let’s start!this class is a English class, and now the teacher want us to introduce ourself. Please introduce yourself to both your classmates and me by answering as completely as possible the following questions:(1) Why is this course important to you? To know your answers is to know something of what you understand about its purpose and scope. It also moves you beyond any predictable, pre-packaged answers you may have in mind. “I need the units” or “It’s required by my major” or “It fits into my schedule” may be true enough, but such rationales offer little insight into the particular contours of your thinking. (2) What is your declared major (if any)? (3) What will you bring to this experience? Right away this question lets you know that I am not looking for passive vessels merely taking up space and expecting to be filled with facts. Instead, I expect each of you to play an active role. The burden of responsibility for your education should be upon yourself. (4) How will your presence benefit the rest of us? (5) Identify the title and author of one book – any book – that has had a significant impact upon your thinking, and explain why.________________answer the question 1-5 and I am majoring in business now, you could use better grammar, but from now I will only let you do my work like before. You could use better grammar but the word still not use to hard word. if you have any question let me know and this semester this not easy but I trust you!!! you can do it.let me know if you have any questions.

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