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Below is a description of the assignment. It is only 2-3 pag

Below is a description of the assignment. It is only 2-3 pages. The attached documents are the Rubric as well as additional examples which should be helpful in writing the paper. The data the attached spreadsheet should be used to conduct a DOE. The other document are examples of graphical display models. Acompany wishes to improve its e-mail marketing process, as measured byan increase in the response rate to e-mail advertisements. The companyhas decided to study the process by evaluating all combinations of two(2) options of the three (3) key factors: E-Mail Heading (Detailed,Generic); Email Open (No, Yes); and E-Mail Body (Text, HTML). Each ofthe combinations in the design was repeated on two (2) differentoccasions. The factors studied and the measured response rates aresummarized in the following table. Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:Usethe data shown in the table to conduct a design of experiment (DOE) inorder to test cause-and-effect relationships in business processes forthe company.Determinethe graphical display tool (e.g., Interaction Effects Chart, ScatterChart, etc.) that you would use to present the results of the DOE thatyou conducted in Question 1. Provide a rationale for your response. Recommendthe main actions that the company could take in order to increase theresponse rate of its e-mail advertising. Provide a rationale for yourresponse.Proposeone (1) overall strategy for developing a process model for thiscompany that will increase the response rate of its e-mail advertisingand obtain effective business process. Provide a rationale for yourresponse.

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