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BCJ 3100 UNIT V DISCUSSION BOARD QUESTION (2/23/) How does the media, in the role of a courtroom spectator, reinforce ideas of what a criminal looks like? I hve to comment on my classmates discussion board question this is what they wrote: (2/23) The media certainly reinforces ideas of what a criminal looks like. Many media outlets reinforce the public’s racial misconceptions about crime by presenting African Americans and Latinos differently than Caucasian individuals. Additionally, television news programs and newspapers over-represent racial minorities as crime suspects and Caucasian individuals as crime victims. African American and Latino suspects are also more likely than Caucasians to be presented in a non-individualized and threatening way. BCJ 3100 V ASSESMENT QUESTIONS: QUESTION 1 Match each Amendment with the description of the specific right it covers.Sixth Amendment AFifth Amendment BFourteenth Amendment C The accused person’s right to counsel for his defense No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself Miranda v. Arizona Denial of due process of law and the equal protection of the laws in contravention An attorney’s ineffectiveness prejudiced the case The accused person’s right to be confronted with the witness against him Powell v. Alabama QUESTION 2 Match the term with the correct description. Live testimony Hearsay Declarant Scope of direct rule Cross-examination Direct examination A. A rule that restricts the questions that may be asked on cross-examination to only those matters addressed on direct examination B. The defendant’s constitutional entitlement to have witnesses physically appear in the courtroom to give their testimony C. One who makes a statement or declaration D. The questioning of a witness at trial by the opposing counsel E. Anything that is not based on the personal knowledge of a witness F. The questioning of a witness by the attorney for the side that originally scheduled that witness to testify QUESTION 3 Match to type of evidence with the description. Circumstantial evidence Demonstrative evidence Direct Evidence Material evidence Preponderance of evidence Real evidence Testimonial evidence A. The standard of proof in a civil trial B. Evidence that indirectly proves a fact C. Evidence that proves a fact without the need for the juror to infer anything from it D. The information that someone supplies, usually referring to someone who is under oath and giving testimony in a trial E. That which is relevant and goes to substantial matters in dispute or has legitimate influence or bearing on the decision of the case F. Any evidence that seeks to demonstrate a certain point to help jurors understand how a crime was likely committed G. Any tangible item that can be perceived with the five senses QUESTION 4 Match the jury-related term with the correct description. Voir dire Jury list Jury panel Challenge for cause A. A prosecutor’s or defense attorney’s call for removal of a potential juror from service on a jury based on bias B. Process whereby the prosecutor and the defense attorney question members of the jury panel in an effort to seat a jury C. The people selected from the jury list for service as members of a jury in a trial D. The list of potential jury members QUESTION 5 What constitutes effective counsel? What are examples of ineffective counsel? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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