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Based on 3 articles i give, use your own words to answer 3qu

Based on 3 articles i give, use your own words to answer 3question below ( each one atleast 100words).(you can just point out the point or write full sentence but only use information in my sources and paraphrase any information carefully, it will be turn it in check online).1-In the case, ‘ The Portman Hotel Company’, The Portman Hotel has a unique job position which they consider the core of their business model and a feature which differentiates them from competing hotel. What is the name of this job? What are the two primary functions of this job? What challenges are faced for this job in the Portman Hotel case?2-In the article, “One more time, how do you motivate employees?” Herzberg describes an experiment he conducted in which he compared two groups – one group which had their job changed and one group whose job was not changed. How did the first group have their jobs changed? What outcomes were there? 3-According to the article, now What Really Motivates You”, what are the two kind of motivational focuses of people? Describe each type.

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