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Assignment InstructionsFirst PostThe ability to work as a te

Assignment InstructionsFirst PostThe ability to work as a team and to be able to achieve consensus in today’s work place is an important skill. Before we explore the world of work,laborand management, we will study the nature of consensus decision making as a means of attempting to bridge the gap between the two sides in a collective bargaining simulation.Read:A Short Guide to Consensus Decision Making: An Alternative to Robert’s Rules of Order for Groups, Organizations, and ad hoc Assemblies that Want to Operate by ConsensusConsensus Decision MakingQuestions:What are some of the advantages of a consensus decision-making process over traditional methods of decision-making, such as majority voting and Roberts Rules of Order? What are the disadvantages to consensus decision-making, if any?Describe the conditions that underpin consensus building. Which of these conditions do you think is the most important?Have you ever participated in a consensus decision-making process or familiar with an example of such an experience? Describe the experience(s).Requirements:1. make sure that you follow the each objective (in the attachment )2. do not exceed 250 words for each questions3. you can only these two reading as the resources3. And there’s a second post which I will send it to you later after any of my classmate response to the question

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