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Apply visually arresting visualizations in a variety of form

Apply visually arresting visualizations in a variety of forms, such as XY plots, histograms, bar charts, etc.Apply strategies for the systematic visual exploration of multidimensional and heterogeneous data setsCommunicate complex data information and insight using data visualizationsPropose the appropriate visualization for an audience and defend choices through the evaluation of the different ways of communicating dataClarify and support data visualizations through the effective use of annotationCreate dashboards, design scorecards, and represent spatial data through exploratory data visualizationPart 1: Analyze the data, run statistical test and plot the dashboards you see fit using Tableau or R Shiny.Part 2: Write a paper that presents a full understanding of the data analyzed. Include:FormatFollow the APA style format for your paper. The written part of your paper should be no more than 5 pages; the dashboards might take another 2-5 pages. The limit is 10 pages for the whole paper.

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