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Answereach of the following in 200-210 words each in your ow

Answereach of the following in 200-210 words each in your own words. They will be runthru a plagiarism checker,thanks.1.Why is it importantfor managers to understand diversity management from both and managerial andlegal perspectives? In your experience, how much legal knowledge have yourmanagers possessed? 2.Describe one groupprotected by the EEOC, and summarize the related legislation. Are all groupsfairly represented? Are any groups missing? Justify your answer. 3.Watch ‘TEDTalks: Yoruba Richen–What the Gay Rights Movement Learned fromThe Civil Rights Movement,’ . Reflect on the following:·The talk ends with a quote from Nelson Mandela thatdefines freedom, and how it should be about enhancing the freedom of others.How does this idea relate to the society in which we live? What happens in asociety if the same freedoms are not accessible to everyone?

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