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answer those questionWhy would the EPL want to keep broadcas

answer those questionWhy would the EPL want to keep broadcasting rights under the league’s control as opposed to allowing the individual teams to license their own broadcasts?If there was more money in broadcasting, why would the league want to limit the number of games they allow to be broadcast?Do you think broadcasting has a positive or negative effect on sports attendance?If broadcasting a game were to keep people at home, would you be willing to give that up for the sake of the extra money broadcasting brings in?Even if you are still making more money broadcasting, how could the loss of attendance have a negative impact on your athletic department?What are the consequences of collective and exclusive selling by sports leagues of their broadcast rights?Does the control of sports broadcast rights allow the broadcaster to leverage its position and increase its monopoly power?Can ownership of sports teams by broadcasters have anti-competitive effects? (relating to the attempted purchase of Manchester United by the UK’s leading pay-television operator, BSkyB, in the early 2000s)Which approach would you use for sports broadcasting and which approach do you believe is the most economically beneficial?Do you think that sports broadcasting has a positive or negative effect on our society?What sport and what form of media has had the biggest impact on you? Why?What do you think life would be like without big sports broadcasters like ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS, etc.?

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