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Answer the question at the bottom in 2 pages double spaces M

Answer the question at the bottom in 2 pages double spaces MLA Format. Well written and in depthDonald Trump successfully campaigned for the US Presidency on the promise of changing the direction, focus, and emphasis of the previous administration. In the area of Energy and Energy Policy, he has been both vocal and active.For this next assignment, let’s consider what is happening to our National Energy Policy. To distribute the conversation, I have taken the liberty of “volunteering” each of you to summarize a specific Energy Policy, as follows:The Trump Energy Vision: Marissa, Naod, Christine, JonathonPipelines: Callie, Alexandra, Michelle, AaronCoal: Sara, Lena, Cindy, Jenny, Tia-MarieFracking: Tamirra, Raynooka, Frnaklin, RohanNatural Gas: Madeline, Megan, Correy, AliaNuclear Power: Adam, David, Dina, Kush“Alternative” Energies; John, Eileen, Ashkon, DaheeWhat has changed at the Federal level, and how does this compare to the operating parameters under the previous Administration? What implications do these proposed or achieved changes mean in these respective areas?

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