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Answer the following questions for this research article: St

Answer the following questions for this research article: Stobaugh, H.C. et al.(2016) Including whey protein and whey permeate in ready-to-use supplementary food improves recovery rates in children with moderate acute malnutrition: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 103:926-33. Download a PDF of the article here: Stobaugh AJCN 2016.pdfPlease upload a 2-3 page, double-spaced paper answering the following questions. No more than 3 pages please. Please number your answers. Do NOT include the questions. Please use short, concise sentences to answer these questions; do not submit an essay.Introduction: After reading the introduction, explain in your own words the reason(s) why the authors chose to conduct this research study.What scientific question is being addressed?What is the authors’ hypothesis (or prediction)?Subjects and Methods4. This study is a randomized controlled clinical trial. How were the participants randomized? What is the control group? What is meant by double-blind? 5. What criteria were used to select the subjects for the study? Results 6. How did the energy, lipid and protein content of the soy and whey RUSFs compare (Table 2)? Which supplemental food gave the best recovery (measured as percent of children with MUAC >12.5 cm) (Table 4)? Is this difference statistically significant?7. What conclusions do the author’s draw from their study? Discussion 8. Did the study results support the authors’ hypothesis? How strong/convincing are the data? 9. What are the limitations of this study? 10. Suggest a possible future experiment based on this study.

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