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Analytical Report1:1) Read carefully the essay “God Grew T

Analytical Report1:1) Read carefully the essay “God Grew Tired of Us” by John Bul Dau (page 41). Write an Analytical Report (6-7 paragraphs/ 2 pages) in which you explore how details make effective writing + why the events were “etched in his memory like acid” + how his senses made him so aware. Give many details/examples of memory and recall of an experience that influences and instructs reader about a tense experience.What do you learn about effects of violence? Describe in 5-6 sentences and make your concluding comment on power of observation to influence the reader. Type in the MLA style, 500 words. Write in the 3rd person. Provide Introductory paragraph + body/supporting paras + conclusion.Typed neatly in MLA style. Double-spaced ONLY. Make sure you have a one-inch margin all round and provide Name etc. on top left. Number pages on top right.

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