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Analysis of a film or TV show, focusing on issues of languag

Analysis of a film or TV show, focusing on issues of language and identity, to be presented in class andwritten up in 5 pages. Your essay should have a unifying thesisabout ethnicity, identity, inter-group relations, transitions, or some combination of these elements, andyou should support this thesis in part with analysis of language. Here are some questions you mightconsider as you work on your analysis:How does your selected work use language to represent an ethnic, immigrant, or othersocial group or the relations between groups?How do the characters change over the course of the film? Do they change their sense ofself? Do they progress from one class/group/society into another?How are the characters depicted as belonging to two or more groups? Do they experience asense of double consciousness? Do they feel as if they are stuck in a borderlands?How does the film portray conflict between groups or generations?As part of your analysis, please discuss at least two of the following sociolinguistic phenomena as they are portrayed in your selected work:Inter-speaker variation: Sociolinguistic variation among characters according to socio-economic class,ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, generation from immigration, etc.Intra-speaker variation: Individual style shifting or code switching (according to situation, audience, ortopic) used to negotiate identitiesMetalinguistic conversation: Conversation about language that represents (possibly conflicting)language ideologies and/or language discriminationPlease include some linguistic analysis: when discussing inter-speaker and intra-speaker variation, pleasegive examples of distinctive features, offering quotes as evidence where appropriate.

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