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ALL OF TEH ASSIGNMENTS THAT NEED TO BE COMPLEDT JUST NEED TO BE REVISED WITH A COVER PAGE AND REFERENCE. PLEASE READ REQUIREMENTS TO EACH WEEKS ASSIGNMENTS AND REVISE AS NEEDED.I am returning your assignment 3, 6, 7, 9 and would like for you to consider revising it? I am using a zero as a placeholder and would like for you to email me and let me know if you plan making the revision and if you have any questions. Review my comments in your assignment. All assignments are papers and require a cover and reference page. Also, the decision makers that you have chosen need to be specific, like a committee either at the state or federal level. WEEK 3 E-mail an Agenda Item You will eventually be proposing your problem and potential solutions to a group of decision makers who will determine whether your solution should be adopted to resolve the issue. Depending on the scope of the problem you identified, this could be to the federal, state or local (county, city council, etc.) government. Your problem might also best be addressed by a government agency that regulates or is authorized to enact policy. In the format of an e-mail, craft a research problem statement and preliminary solution in the form of an agenda item to the appropriate policy-making body. Your e-mail should include a request to make a presentation at the next public meeting the decision makers will hold. Be sure to identify yourself and provide a rationale as to why your problem definition and potential solutions should be considered by the policy makers. To assist you in completing this Assignment, refer to the following helpful resources from the Writing Center regarding e-mail writing and writing persuasively. Although your e-mail will be quite a bit shorter than an essay, the information on writing persuasively will help you to make the most impact with your brief e-mail. Writing E-mails Writing a Persuasive Essay Be sure to check out pages 33, 51, and 167 of the Smith text for some good examples of e-mails and agenda items. WEEK 6 Memorandum Select a resource, or resources, regarding the public sector problem you have identified and that includes numerical data. The numerical data can be statistics or financial information. In a memorandum ( narrative format) to the decision makers that you presented your .ppt to, interpret what the numbers are saying about the public administration issue either as a problem or in support of your solution. Use appropriate APA citation format in the memorandum and include an APA resource section as an attachment to the memorandum. Click the link below to read an article from Strategic Finance Magazine that is an excellent example of a narrative the describes and interprets numerical data. Source The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business® (IMA) Be sure to check out pages 45 and 79 of the Smith text for examples of memorandums. WEEK 7 Background and Legislative History Create a Background and Legislative History that reviews and surveys the pertinent available resources regarding your identified public sector problem. The Background and Legislative History should be in a narrative format that explains the current status of the problem you have identified to date, and what has been done, or not done, to address the problem. Include any past legislation that may have been adopted to address your identified issue in other jurisdictions. Additionally, submit an APA Resource section of all of the material to which you have cited in the Background and Legislative History. Remember to use APA citation in the body of the Background and Legislative History section as it is likely that every piece of information included will require a citation WEEK 9 Policy Brief This Final Assignment for the course allows you to put all of the pieces together and create a complete policy brief utilizing the components you have prepared in previous assignments, as well as including a final deliberation section (that incorporates your work from Unit 8). For this Assignment, submit a complete policy brief on the public sector problem that you identified and that includes the following components: Problem Definition (from Units 1 and 2) Background and Legislative History (from Units 5 and 7) Policy Alternatives (from Units 3, 4, and 9) Final Definition of Problem (From Unit 6) Deliberating Problem (from Unit 8 and 9)

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