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Algebra Teacher’s Notebook – *********Construct a Portfoli

Algebra Teacher’s Notebook – *********Construct a Portfolio of Algebra teaching methods and activities. It will be scored based on completeness, creativity, and organization. It should contain at least the following:*******A minimum of 20 objectives noted in this class, class notes, activities, at least ten teaching methods in Lesson Plan format (you may use From Arithmetic to Algebra book for lesson plan ideas), a glossary, a bibliography, and some organization structure, such as a Table of Contents or topic dividers. The Algebra Teacher’s Notebook (ATN) is due on the eighth meeting. AT LEAST 10 LESSON PLANS.Due: Week 8Objectives: #1- 28AP: # 1 – 12INTASC: #1 – 10Assessment 8 (Knowledge of Subject Matter)Scoring Rubric for Assignment # 1:1. Completeness of notebook5 points2. Creativity5 points3. Organization4 points4. Includes comprehensive activities8 points5. Includes a minimum of 20 course objectives5 points6. Includes at least ten teaching methods in lesson plan format8 pointsTotal35 points**IN GENERAL THE TEACHR WANT 10 LESSONS PLAN IN TOTAL AD 20 OBJECTIVES FOR ALGEBRA DIVIDED BETWEEN ALL THOSE 10 LESSON PLANS. TEMPLATE SHE PROPOSE IT IS ATTACHED******ANY SOURCE FOR ACTIVITIES PLEASE NEED TO CLARIFY FROM WHERE

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