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Alfred Wegener is best known for developingthe relationship

Alfred Wegener is best known for developingthe relationship between plate tectonics and climatethe technology to measure seafloor spreadingthe principle of uniformitarianismthe theory of continental drift3 points QUESTION 2Describe what a subduction zone is and how subduction is related to the movement of lithospheric plates.4 points QUESTION 3After Pangaea broke up, Laurasia consisted ofAsia and AfricaNorth America, Europe, and AsiaAfrica, South America, and the Pacific IslandsAsia, Australia, and Antarctica3 points QUESTION 4If an oceanic plate converges with a continental plate, the oceanic plate is subducted under the continental one. What property of oceanic plates leads to this observation?Oceanic plates are thicker than continental plates.Oceanic plates are denser than continental plates.Oceanic plates are older than continental plates.Oceanic plates are made of lighter minerals than continental plates.3 points QUESTION 5Which of the following is NOT an indication that all of Earth’s landmasses were once joined together and have subsequently split apart due to tectonic activity?the shapes of the continents and how they appear to be pieces of a jigsaw puzzlesimilarities between fossils in locations now separated by seasimilarities in rock structures between the east coast of North America and the west coast of Europesimilarities in vegetation between equatorial regions of different continents3 points QUESTION 6If you placed a dot on a world map to represent the location of every earthquake in the last 100 years, where would you see earthquake activity most concentrated? Why is this so?Path: pWords:04 points QUESTION 7Earthquake waves travel at different velocities through different parts of Earth. This difference is based mostly ondensity differences among rock materialsthe types of nearby plate boundariesenvironmental conditions such as temperature and air pressurewhether or not the waves travel through water3 points QUESTION 8On a seismic risk map, the color white is associated withlow earthquake riskno earthquake riskmoderate earthquake risksevere earthquake risk3 points QUESTION 9Large waves of sea water triggered into motion by an earthquake are calledRaleigh waveslove wavestsunamiss-waves3 points QUESTION 10Which of the following should you NOT do immediately after an earthquake?seek communication with family membersturn on the lightsavoid candle useall of the above3 points QUESTION 11How do tectonic plates move in respect to each other at convergent plate boundaries?move away from each othermove toward each othermove by sliding past each othermove by one plate being rifted from another3 points QUESTION 12Explain how the formation of oceanic trenches and folded mountain belts on continents are related to convergent plate boundaries.Path: pWords:04 points QUESTION 13Why are volcanoes common at convergent plate boundaries?Stress builds up as one continent pushes against another one.Due to subduction, rock material is melted in the mantle and then moves back upward as magma.Continental plates get subducted at trench zones, causing the upward flow of magma.The opening up of a mid-ocean ridge lets magma well up from the mantle.3 points QUESTION 14Large ash flow eruptions are associated with which type of volcano?shield volcanoesstratovolcanoes (also called composite volcanoes)lava domeshotspots3 points QUESTION 15What type of magma will have the most built-up pressure because of its high strength and viscosity?recrystallizedbasalticiron-richsilica-rich3 points QUESTION 16The zones where lithospheric plates moves apart from one another are calleddivergent plate boundariesconvergent plate boundariestransform plate boundariessubduction boundaries3 points QUESTION 17Describe the features of the mid-ocean ridge. How is the formation of the mid-ocean ridge related to plate tectonics?Path: pWords:04 points QUESTION 18Heat flow from the ocean floor is highest attrenchesbroad, flat areamid-ocean ridgesthick sediments3 points QUESTION 19Which oceanic feature is associated with divergent plate seismicity?volcanic arcshotspotstrenchescrest of the mid-ocean ridge3 points QUESTION 20Continental rift zones are areas where the crust has beencompresseduplifted and pulled apartfolded and faultedfractured by reverse faults3 points QUESTION 21The San Andreas Fault in California is caused by horizontal sliding of the Pacific Plate past the North American Plate. This is an example of aspreading centerconvergent plate boundarysubduction zonetransform plate boundary3 points QUESTION 22How do transform plate boundaries contrast with divergent and convergent plate boundaries?Transform plate boundaries do not result in the formation or consumption of lithosphere.Transform plate boundaries result in more vertical displacement of lithosphere.Transform plate boundaries have fracture zones associated with them.Transform plate boundaries have less horizontal motion associated with them.3 points QUESTION 23Which of the following famous transform fault systems produces large earthquakes in Canada?North AnatolianAlpineQueen CharlotteChaman3 points QUESTION 24Which of the following best describes earthquakes along transform plate boundaries?common and largecommon but small-scalerare but largerare and small-scale3 points QUESTION 25What kind of activity produces metamorphic rocks at transform plate boundaries? What happens to cause the formation of new rocks at these locations?Path: pWords:04 points QUESTION 26Isostatic adjustment refers tothe folding of continental lithosphere into a mountain rangethe metamorphic changes that take place during plate convergencethe rising of land due to a change in mass and density after the removal of materials by erosionthe altering of rock material during tectonic movement3 points QUESTION 27Which of the following best describes the topography of a continental shield?relief generally over 1000 metersrelief generally at or about 1000 metersrelief generally over 10,000 metersrelief generally less than 100 meters3 points QUESTION 28Which geologic province of North America is a place where the crust has been uplifted and extended, forming alternating areas of high elevation and low elevation?Canadian ShieldAppalachian Ridge and ValleyBasin and RangeSnake River Plain3 points QUESTION 29The Hawaiian Islands are part of a volcanic arc and are formed by volcanism at a convergent plate boundary. True False2 points QUESTION 30A hotspot is a surface manifestation of a mantle plume. True False2 points QUESTION 31Mantle plumes have not been observed directly. How do we infer that they exist?Path: pWords:04 points QUESTION 32Which of the following environmental problems can be associated with volcanic eruptions?acid raindestruction of the ozone layerboth a and bbuild up of photochemical smog3 points

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