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After reading Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, Chapter #7 you have l

After reading Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, Chapter #7 you have learned about work issues. Unemployment is defined as being without work, seeking work, and available for work. Long-term unemployment is being without work for at least 27 weeks. Underemployment is high skilled or educated workers employed in low skilled or low-wage jobs; part-time workers seeking full-time work; people seeking work without success; and people available to work and have been seeking work in the last year without success. Outsourcing is the practice of a business subcontracting their work to a third-party. Automation is replacing human labor with machines. Global competition is competing corporations that do business with international customers. In the reply box, discuss how outsourcing, automation, and global competition impacts the US worker, even with the current low unemployment rate. Support your answer with information from chapter #7. Cite the information with the page number and textbook edition you are using, for example (pg.100, ed.10). Pargraph length with citation from the book. Edition 7200-300 words

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