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According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as quoted in an article that appeared on (Cook & Taub, 2007), Take-Two Interactive Software systematically recognized sales revenue from approximately 180 parking transactions. At or near the end of fiscal quarters or years, the company shipped hundreds of thousands of video games to distributors who had no obligation to pay for them, fraudulently recorded the shipments as if they were sales, and then accepted return of the games in subsequent reporting periods. In many cases, Take-Two created fraudulent invoices to disguise the returns as purchases of assorted products. Take-Two also improperly recognized sales revenue for games that were still being manufactured and could not be shipped.For your initial post to this discussion, using this unit’s article, ‘SEC Issues ‘Video Game Parking’ Ticket,’ respond to the following:Where in the organization did this fraud originate and why is this such a big deal?Explain the implications this would have for the revenue cycle audit if you were conducting the investigative audit. Be specific in your description of these practices by Take-Two.

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