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7.1: Policy Making and Stakeholders- 500 wordsAfter completi

7.1: Policy Making and Stakeholders- 500 wordsAfter completing the readings, consider a scenario where your state legislature is going to use the policy process to address the increase in elder abuse in senior living. The state legislature and the nursing home industry have opposing opinions on how this issue should be addressed. State legislatures want to mandate that each person working in a senior living community receive 100 hours per year of training and education on the topic of abuse. The nursing home industry reports that this requirement would cost too much and that they cannot afford it. Describe the key players responsible for making this policy and why they would be involved. Describe the stakeholders in this scenario as well as the role that those stakeholders play in influencing public policy. Analyze where the state legislature and the nursing home industry should seek evidence-based research to support their respective positions. 7.2: Global Aging Policy- 500 words As you may conclude after completing this week’s readings, creating global aging policies can be challenging because how people regard aging adults varies from culture to culture and country to country. In this discussion, you will explore some of these challenges further. Where would you choose to dedicate resources in policy formation to address problems faced by aging adults? Would you focus on local, state, federal, or global policies? Why would you choose to focus at this level? Journal Entry 7.1: Policy Agenda Setting: The Right Stuff Journal writing provides a non-threatening way to explore different thoughts, ideas, and topics without being concerned about audience presentation. The process of writing can facilitate reflection and allow you to express your feelings regarding your educational experiences, as well as clarify your thinking. Write about the following in your journal: Every year, legislatures create a policy agenda that is based on congressional understanding of the needs of a specific population or group. Often, policy issues are pushed to the top after “being in the right place at the right time.” If you wanted to gain support for funding Alzheimer’s research, how might you go about gaining support from your federal, state, or local legislator? Why? 600 words

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