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600 word MLA format expository paper about the statue of Pos

600 word MLA format expository paper about the statue of Poseidon/ Neptune alongside dolphin I saw at the Tampa Museum of art on 2-20-2019. Consider raising issues and questions; use appropriate vocabulary; refer to points, styles, elements, medium, cultural significance . . . found in the work; develop a critical analysis. This will be an original response that will incorporate material learned in the course, so it includes an intellectual component, not just a “here is why I liked this work” reaction, although your personal response to the entire exhibit should be registered as well. Students take in the entire exhibit area (or the over-all environment of an architectural structure) and will critically analyze one work or building. Include the name of the museum, gallery, building, or location of an outdoor sculpture along with the date and time of the visit. Fully identify the work you choose for analysis, and unless it is forbidden, take a photo of the work and note the artist, architect, date created and any other identifying information. Please note that these questions are not comprehensive, rather merely a quick list for you to consider. Where is the work? Where does it “live?”What is the subject matter? Portrait, nature, fantasy? Is the subject abstracted? If so, to what extent?Are symbols present? Are the symbols obvious? What do the images symbolize? Are the symbols well-known today? Is there a theme? What is the meaning of the work based on symbols and the cultural and historical background of the work. Is there an obvious style? Is the style historical? Explain.IMG_1835.JPGDoes the title add to understanding the work? How. Look at the elements of the work: What is the medium/ the material(s)? What is it made of? What is the color? Is there a predominant color? Is it natural or arbitrary? How is it used to effect? What is the predominant line? Curved, straight? How is it used to effect? Are some shapes prevalent? Round, rectangular? How is shape used to effect? Is the light and dark dramatic? Does the composition seem unified? Is there repetition of line, color, shape . . .? Is the work balanced? How? Is the balance symmetrical? Are “Classical elements” present? Where?Did you enjoy the museum visit (was it a disappointment, which other works did you find interesting, what are your criticisms . . . .)?

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