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6.2 Activity:Minnesota semi-starvation experimentWatch: Minn

6.2 Activity:Minnesota semi-starvation experimentWatch: Minnesota semi-starvation experiment video:◦… 22 minutesThis experiment is an important bit of nutrition science history. We are discussing it here because themen experienced protein energy malnutrition (PEM) as part of the study. We could just as easily havesaved this for the energy balance chapter.6.2 Activity: Answer the following questions in Canvas.WhatwasthepurposeoftheSemi-Starvationexperiments?What physical signs of PEM did the men experience? (define edema)Whatemotionalandpsychologicalconsequencesdidthemenexperience?How did their attitudes toward food change during and after the study?What do you think might be the long term political and economic implications of a malnourished populationliving in poverty?How do you think this study relates to people cutting calories extremely to lose weight or with an eatingdisorder?

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