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(5 points) Voiced fricatives are less common across the lang

(5 points) Voiced fricatives are less common across the languages of the world than voiceless ones. This may be because they are harder to produce. Why might voiced fricatives be harder to produce than voiceless fricatives?(5 points) Voiceless nasals are not as common as voiced nasals in the world’s languages. One reason for this is that they are not as loud as voiced ones. Why is this? What is the sound source for voiceless nasals? (20 points) The diagrams below show the vocal folds and snapshots of different parts of a single glottal cycle. The arrows indicate airflow and air pressure flowing up from the lungs, towards the glottis. The first (A) and last (H) figures are in the correct position but the rest of the figures have been scrambled.(4 points) Indicate the correct order of the figures within the glottal cycle. (16 points) Explain what is going on in each panel in terms of: Air pressure Airflow The state of the vocal folds.

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