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5-6 pages (1250-1500 words) typed, double spaced using a fon

5-6 pages (1250-1500 words) typed, double spaced using a font no smaller than 12. One pageequals approximately 250 words.Summary and Critical comment of a text taken from the readings of the first half of the semester:In 3 Parts1st Part (33 % of the assignment): analysis of the textØ What kind of text is it?Ø What is the subject-matter and temporal context?Ø Author: position, area of expertise, level of education and competencies,research and publicationsØ Author’s stated objectivesØ Area, concepts and approaches, sources and methods, etc.Ø How the thesis is presented and organized as a wholeØ How does the author make use of details, examples and/or illustrations?2nd Part (50 % of the assignment): summaryØ Major themes in the text and how these are articulated into subthemes3rd Part (17 % of the assignment): conclusionØ Essence of the author’s thesis (summary)Ø What is its contribution to the discipline of Art History and to this specific area ofexpertiseØ Critical assessment of the text in question

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