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1:Consider moments in your life when you have received truly

1:Consider moments in your life when you have received truly eye opening feedback. You may consider this moment in the context of your academic career, professional career, or personal life. Use the following as guiding questions:What was the experience like?What did you learn about yourself?How did you respond to the feedback at the time that it was given?Did you see it as constructive criticism or as an attack on your work?How did you learn from the experience?In what ways did the experience help you to grow in terms of the skills you were trying to master?2:Considering what you just learned by reading Chapter 12, is it wise to over-use (by patients or others who have the drug) or to over-prescribe antibiotics (doctors, physicians assistants, etc.)? Why or why not? What might be the health ramifications for antibiotic overuse? See pages 470-471 in your text for inspiration and think of this question in terms of natural selection.A separate post to the initial discussion question (50% of grade) and reply to another student (50% of grade) are required for this discussion board. Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, ‘Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.’Best, ChuckPlease note: APA format and references are not required for discussions. This is a college-level course and I expect that all discussion board posts and replies are written in complete sentences using proper grammar and punctuation. Typographical errors, misspellings, etc., will be penalized (minimum of 1 point deducted per issue

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