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1. Title: You be the judgeUsing what you have learned about

1. Title: You be the judgeUsing what you have learned about Strain Theory this week, justify your sanction. If you are going to stick with the sanction grid, you must devise an essay topic that may be helpful to this client. If you are going to be more punitive (after all, this guy has been in the program for 3 months already and should know not to use!), then articulate exactly why you are being more punitive. If you decide to be more lenient, give us a reason.You want to be very careful because you are doing this in front of all the other drug court clients. You must send a message to everyone that you will correct bad behavior with sanctions – but in a way that will produce better behavior by everyone in the future!2. Title: Applying the conceptsFor this discussion, point out:Three specific moments in the film that exemplifies the concept of informal social control OR an attempt at informal social control; andThree specific moments that demonstrate collective efficacy or an attempt at collective efficacy that did not work as hoped.Specify the clips by minute and second at which they begin. Specifically describe how the clips you chose relate to the description of social disorganization and/or social structural theories in the Frailing/Harper text or the podcast.

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