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1- i need 10 more PEER-REVIEW articles they must be full ac

1- i need 10 more PEER-REVIEW articles they must be full acsess to them ( like Pdf or somthing )… the same to have done in the past …but just put them in a reference, no need to do the articles review summery i am attaching 2 folders with articles also … i also added more but please make sure they are peer reviewd article that i have found . if they are nor peer reviewed , then dont use them the total of the articls that must be use in this assinemt are 30 peer review articles ( that i can axcess ) 2- i need to do a litreture rewues for the 30 articles .. APA style 6th edition – no plagiarism.3- the teacher will later send us the templet . but for now just keep writing till i send you the templet 4- i am also attached the sulybuss requemtn for the lit review too for you to follow

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