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1.High-level computer languages are created to be understood

1.High-level computer languages are created to be understood by humans. As a result, the keywords and the commands of these languages are easy to understand. Machine languages are harder to understand and operate.For this assignment, you should assume that the memory cells at addresses F0 to F9 are in the machine described here, and that it contains the hexadecimal bit patterns described in the following table. Note: Each memory address contains 2 values that must be used separately. For example, your first step is to read the first value from memory address F0, which is 2. When you need the next value, read it from the second part of memory address F0, which is a 0. The first part of memory address F1 is next, which is a C, and so on. F020F1C0F230F3F8F420F500F630F7F9F8FFF9FF Explain (in detail) each step of the machine cycle. Show the contents of each of the registers and each of the memory cells after the execution of the code.Compare and contrast machine and high-level languages using resources from the Internet or AIU’s library. Be sure to explain why the hexadecimal and binary codes are important for programming in both languages. 2.Step 1Information technology (IT) solutions are often dependent upon the application of the discrete mathematics, probability, and statistical methods that you have been introduced to in this course. Click here to refer to an example about how an IT performance problem would be addressed using these techniques.Note: This example includes advanced topics, and you are not expected to understand the article fully. It is offered here simply as an example of how these techniques may be employed to solve IT problems.Step 2Identify and reference a problem in an IT-related system where statistical methods could be used to analyze, evaluate, and recommend performance improvements for the system.Summarize the problem, and discuss how you would use the discrete mathematics, probability, and statistical methods from this course to analyze the associated data, present the information, and draw inferences to develop a solution that would improve system performance. Explain your reasoning.Feel free to reflect on the example referenced in Step 1, and discuss your thoughts about it

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