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1. A unique responsibility of the PMO is assessing and eleva

1. A unique responsibility of the PMO is assessing and elevating enterprise project management ability (competency, capability, and maturity), which is a function of PMO project monitoring. Differentiate between PMO PM competency, capability, and maturity. For one of these PMO domains, itemize the steps need to perform the PMO assessment activities at a designated organization, which may be your workplace, an organization with which you are familiar, or an organization based on your research with atleast 1 peer reviewed source. Words: minimum 2002. Describe a work activity on a project (one with which you are familiar, and which might be from a case study or textbook) that had a positive influence, and then describe a work activity that had an influence of a negative nature. Which typical strategy would you, as the project manager, use in addressing each risk event? Support your positions with at least one current (no older than five years) scholarly source. Words: minimum 2003. What are your thoughts on utilizing cloud-based services in your organization, or in an organization with which you are familiar? In your answer, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing software as a service (SaaS). Include one peer reviewed source.Words: minimum 200

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