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1. A rock sample contains a 25% of a parent isotope A and 75

1. A rock sample contains a 25% of a parent isotope A and 75% of a daughter isotope B. The half-life of isotope A is 1 million years. The rock sample also contains an index fossil that was known to have existed 2 Ma. Is the radiometric dating and index fossil evidence consistent with one another in determining the age of the rock sample. Why or why not?2. On Facebook, your friend shares an article on climate change written by Dr. Smith of the Center of Global Good Policy. How you would assess the trustworthiness of this article, particularly its sources and what information you would look for in the article?3.Describe radiometric dating and how it can be used to determine the age of rock specimens. In your answer be sure to define radiometric dating, what information you need to determine the age of the specimen, and how radiometric dating is different from relative dating.4.The Earth system consists of a number of important cycles. Identify one such cycle and why it is important in the Earth system. Identify and explain a process associated with the cycle that you choose.5.Humans can drastically impact cycles in the Earth system. Describe two ways in which humans impact Earth system cycles and the consequences of these impacts.

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