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1-2 PAGES. APA FORMAT. NO COVER PAGE. AT LEAST 3 REFERENCES PLEASE. 500-1000 WORDS. ONLY HAVE TO DO ONE QUESTIONRespond to one of the following question using the lessons and vocabulary found in the reading.Project Management BasicsQuestion 1Analyze a project you have worked on. The project may have been at home, at work, or in other settings (for example, church or school). Answer the following questions when you describe the project:Explain how the project originated.Was the process used to initiate and manage the project formal or informal? Analyze how this affected the outcome.Describe the difficulties you encountered while completing your project. How did you overcome that?Evaluate the final outcome of the project.Evaluate how the project was managed. Provide recommendations on improving the system.Question 2Describe the roles of the following project stakeholders: Project manager, Project sponsor, Team members.Question 3Describe the relationship between a project manager and a project sponsor. Who is ultimately responsible for the success of a project, the project manager or the project sponsor? Explain.Question 4 Define the following terms and explain how these terms are specific and unique to the practice of project management: Project, Program, Project managementQuestion 5 Discuss the various project management process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing) and explain how they relate to the phases of a PLC.The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response. Justify your answers with examples and reasoning. PART 2. 2-3 PAGES. WITH COVER PAGE. AT LEAST 4 REFERENCES. The course project flows from Week 1 to Week 5. For the course project, you need to choose a project topic and submit it for your instructor’s approval. The instructor may assign a project scenario if the proposed project topic is not deemed adequate to meet the learning objectives of the course.After the approval, you will submit specific project deliverables each week.In Week 5, you need to submit a final written plan and a presentation of the project. You are encouraged to use Microsoft Project (or other project management software tools), but its use is not required for this introductory project.The project deliverables for each week are as follows:WeekDeliverablesWeek 1The proposed project topic paperWeek 2The statement of needThe statement of the goals and objectives of the projectStakeholder and project requirementsThe project scope statementWeek 3The project communications planProject risk assessmentThe organization and human resources planWeek 4The WBSThe project schedule and budgetWeek 5The project control planThe project closeout planThe final presentation and paperFor this week, identify an industry for the project and a 2-3 page synopsis of your chosen project. In your synopsis, provide a rationale for how the project will meet the course objectives and describe the anticipated scope and project outcomes.You should carefully consider the scope of the project so that you can complete the necessary work in the compressed time frame of this course.Submission Details:Submit your proposed project in 2 to 3 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style

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